$54 million commitment for type 1 diabetes

Leading diabetes organisations have commended the federal Government’s commitment to invest $54 million under the National Diabetes Services Scheme to subsidise continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology for children and young people aged under 21 who are living with type 1 diabetes.

Both the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) and the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) in a joint statement said the Coalition Government’s decision would help an estimated 4,000 children and young adults under 21 to monitor their blood sugar levels, instead of having to prick their finger and, as a result, will save the average family up to $4,000 a year off the cost of managing type 1 diabetes.

The statement said credentialed diabetes educators were best equipped to educate children, their families and young adults in the use of CGM, assisting the Coalition’s plan to leverage innovative technology in healthcare to support people with diabetes.

“Credentialled diabetes educators welcome this initiative that will improve health outcomes for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes and make an incredible difference in their lives and daily self-management of this chronic condition,” ADEA President Tracy Aylen said.

ADS President Sofa Andrikopoulos said: “Affordable access to new technologies, including CGM, is critical in the management of diabetes and prevention of complications.”

Statistics provide strong evidence for why this commitment will improve clinical outcomes for these children and young adults under 21. Statistics show:

  • There are currently 13,600 children and young adults under 21 with type 1 diabetes.
  • About six new cases of type 1 diabetes are diagnosed every day.

Around 50,000 hospitalisations are due to type 1 diabetes every year. The ADEA and ADS are calling on the Coalition Government to engage in continuous constructive consultation with them to provide more support for all people with diabetes.”

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