All Covid vaccines to be available in community pharmacy

The Government has announced that all Covid-19 vaccines are to be made available through community pharmacies and GP surgeries.

This announcement has been welcomed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Trent Twomey says the move, along with the booster shot program announced 27 October, will greatly simplify access for communities to Covid-19 vaccines across Australia.

“What this means is that all people can now go into a community pharmacy or a GP surgery and get the vaccine that they want or the one which is recommended as being best or most suitable for them,” he says.

“Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines will be available at all pharmacies and GP surgeries, which are administering the Covid-19 vaccines.

“This will simplify the message and ensure we quickly reach maximum uptake of the vaccine.

“It will also help greater uptake of the booster shot which evidence shows is an added protection against Covid-19.”

The announcement coincides with community pharmacies across the country today hitting a milestone of administering more than 1.5 million doses of the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Mr Twomey says that vaccine uptake around the country has been encouraging, particularly since community pharmacies had administered one million vaccinations only a few weeks ago.

He says community pharmacies are particularly well placed to offer the choice of vaccines to patients.

“The use of pharmacies in the vaccine rollout has proven to be hugely successful and popular with patients,” says Mr Twomey.

“The fact that pharmacies are often open longer and at weekends and other times when GPs may be closed means access to vaccinations is a very simple matter for most Australians.

“Some pharmacies are even open every day of the year and some 24 hours a day.

“Now you can get the vaccine of your choice when you want it.

“People can just go to the website and organise their vaccinations or simply ring their pharmacy and book a time that suits them.

“Many pharmacies offer the added service of walk-in appointments.

“It has never been easier.”


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