APP sessions: Preventing cyber attacks and the future economy

APP attendees will be able to learn from experts in the field of cyber technology about preventing cyber attacks and from leading economists about the future direction of pharmacy in the new economy on Friday 21 May.

The first of the two sessions, entitled `Responding to imminent cyber-attack’, will feature Adam Smallhorn, Cyber Security Outreach, Commonwealth Bank and Andrew McManus, General Manager for Managed Services, Fred IT Group.

“The session on cybersecurity will seek to answer questions that are very important to the future of community pharmacy. Questions like, are our teams prepared for an imminent cyber-attack? Or what roles would pharmacists play in the event of a damaging data breach? says Convenor and former Guild National President, Kos Sclavos.

“Perhaps most importantly, this session will also explore what we can be doing now to avoid the worst-case scenario and will explore the simple steps we can follow to increase our cybersecurity and minimise the chance of a cyber-attack within our pharmacies.”

Following this, attendees will get the chance to hear from Economist, Stephen Koukoulas, and TerryWhite Chemmart CEO, Duncan Phillips, in a session called `Economics and your pharmacy.”

Mr Sclavos says the speakers’ expertise at this session presented incredible insight into the economic conditions facing community pharmacies.

“In this one session, we get the chance to hear from a world-class economist and a fantastic leader in our industry,” says Mr Sclavos, “I’m looking forward to the insights both Duncan and Stephen will bring regarding the future of the economy and community pharmacy.”

“We’ve also acted to give people certainty around any disruptions to plans that may come out of Covid-19.

We’ve done this by making changes to ensure if attendees can’t travel due to Covid-19, they’re able to get full refunds,” says Mr Sclavos. “Attendees and delegates can make their arrangements with certainty that they will not be out of pocket”.

“We’re excited to see you next week. I’d hate for any attendees to miss out the fantastic program, sold-out trade and networking opportunities,” says Mr Sclavos.

APP2021 will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in just over a week on 20-23 May 2021. To register visit:


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