Arborvitae branches out with API collaboration

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing has announced an agreement with Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) in which the company’s products will be available through API’s 3,400 pharmacies.

The API collaboration follows the recent announcement of a partnership with Blooms The Chemist, under which Arborvitae products were rolled out across 92 of the national pharmacy chain’s outlets.

Arborvitae described as a growing, family-owned Australian business producing the range of Arborvitae supplements as well as the newly launched pre-sport and exercise supplement, Modex.

“Giving Australians increased access to Arborvitae through API’s supply network will help many more people across Australia to enjoy Arborvitae”, Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Director Brendan Howell said.

“The new partnership will ensure more Australians have convenient access to our products on shelves across the country. This is particularly important for us as our brand continues to grow and more products are rolled out.”

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