BD brings back Ultra-Fine Pen Needle to Aus

NDSS product code 266

Becton Dickinson, global medical technology company is reintroducing its diabetes care product, the BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle to Australia.

The original BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle, used for injecting diabetes medication was replaced by the BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle last year. However, global demand for the BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle has continued to grow since its launch and BD is now working to increase production.

“At BD, we understand the importance of having access to medical devices people rely upon,” says Country General Manager, David Zilm.

The decision to bring back the original Ultra-Fine™ Pen Needle reflects BD’s priority of ensuring people with diabetes have continuous access to the needle technology they rely upon to help optimise their treatment.

“People living with diabetes have enough to worry about without wondering if the needle technology they prefer will be available. It’s for this reason we are proactively reintroducing the original BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle. This will ensure ongoing uninterrupted stock supply to people living with diabetes.”

The original BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle will be listed on the NDSS Product Schedule from 1 April and is expected to be available on Australian pharmacy shelves from April.

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