Breaking records in Pharmacy sales

IQVIA Consumer Health reports that as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise exponentially, a staggering number of Australian pharmacy sales continue to grow.

In the week ending in 14 March 2020, 16.4 million items were scanned through Australian pharmacies. The sales number equates to a 37% increase on the same week in 2019, and the 2nd largest weekly units recorded, outperformed only by the previous week 7 March 2020 (16.6 million units).

Total value sales were $193 million (beating previous week) up 31% on 2019, and the highest value recorded excluding the week leading into Christmas.

Pain products sales have continued to produce unprecedented numbers. In the latest week, 1.9 million Over-the-Counter pain treatments were sold in Australian pharmacies – this is the largest number of pain products ever sold in a week.

Total value sales for cold remedies since the outbreak of COVID-19 totals $41 million. Last week’s sales at $10.5 million, is a record for the category.


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