Get your business ready to adapt to climate change

What can your business do to prepare for the effects of climate change? By David McEwen. A 10cm increase in sea levels is all it takes to treble the risk of major coastal flooding, exposing coastal assets and infrastructure. As warming increases and rainfall patterns change, millions of hectares of …

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JB buys Guys at Hi price: lessons for pharmacy

JB Hi-Fi has recently acquired The Good Guys for $870 million. Was it worth the high price and what can pharmacy operators learn from such a deal? By Bruce Engeman. The generous amount JB Hi-Fi has paid to acquire The Good Guys reflects the strong growth prospects and dominant position …

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The good, the bad and the ugly when you want to break your lease early

By Andrew Grima, Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers We live in times that are both exciting and difficult as retailers, depending on where you are located. We are experiencing the lowest interest rates on record, but market volatility, development or lack thereof, consumer confidence and other factors all have the power …

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