Chair of The Australia Biosimilars Academy Advisory Board appointed

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (‘Arrotex’) has announced the appointment of former Pharmacy Guild of Australia President, George Tambassis, as inaugural Chair of The Australian Biosimilars Academy Advisory Board.

The Australian Biosimilars Academy, initiated by Arrotex Biologics, is an industry-led Advisory Board committed to the education and advocacy for biosimilar and biologic medicines in community pharmacy.

According to Arrotex Group General Manager, Marketing, Lisa Golden, the introduction of The Australian Biosimilars Academy Advisory Board reinforces an Arrotex Biologics’ pharmacy-centric strategy.

Ms Golden says the company is “firmly focused on returning the pharmacist to the center of the biosimilar patient medication journey, to improve uptake and compliance”, adding that the “current biosimilars landscape provides a tangible opportunity for community pharmacy, as witnessed by the recent success of our adalimumab biosimilars switch”.

“Today’s announcement marks an exciting next step for Arrotex Biologics, and we welcome Mr Tambassis to the helm of The Australian Biosimilars Academy Advisory Board,” says Ms Golden.

A role centered in ‘education, training, advocacy’

In his role as Chair, Mr Tambassis says he will aim to increase both the uptake and utilisation of biosimilar medicines through the provision of education, training, and advocacy.

“During my nine-year tenure with The Guild, I frequently discussed the role of biosimilars as our industry’s next wave of opportunity,” says Mr Tambassis.

“I am, therefore, thrilled that my new role affords me the opportunity to spearhead the education and advocacy required to deliver biosimilars to community pharmacy.

“The Australian Biosimilar Academy values the critical role played by community pharmacy in advocating for patient choice.

“As a platform for industry-leading biosimilar and biologic educational and advocacy, we aim to provide community pharmacists with the confidence and knowledge required to offer this choice to their patients.”

It’s said that the Australian Biosimilars Academy also plans to invite other leaders in community pharmacy to join Mr Tambassis on the Advisory Board, to increase biosimilar uptake and utilisation.

It also plans to form Working Groups – the Professional Services Working Group, the Marketing Working Group, and the Communications Working Group ­– that will strive to further enhance education and advocacy among community pharmacy.


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