Code Corporation expands into Australian healthcare market

Code Corporation, a technology company that delivers barcode scanning hardware and software technologies, announced this week that it is expanding into the Australian healthcare market by signing Hospital Products Australia (HPA) as a new channel distribution partner.

“Australia is rapidly forging a new path toward digitisation, electronics health records and health information,” says Vice President of Sales EMEA & APAC for Code Corporation Rene Van Mourik.

“Code hardware and software solutions serve as the bridge between the patients and their electronic information.

“We have a proven track record of reliability in medical facilities around the globe and we are eager to partner with HPA to bring our world-class solutions to the Australian market.”

Reportedly, HPA will be distributing several Code product lines, including its flagship barcode scanning product, the Code Reader 2700, which is said to represent 20 years of innovation in delivering the speed and accuracy needed to improve the workflow in any medical setting.

“Our partnership enables HPA to provide the latest scanning hardware and software to the Australian market to help improve patient safety and quality of care,” says General Manager at Hospital Products Australia, Kathleen Watson.

“With so many different health information systems in Australian hospitals, Code solutions have the necessary rapid configuration and compatibility to integrate into any workflow and environment.”

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