Community pharmacies in Greater Brisbane remain open

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch’s Acting President, Chris Owen, reminds residents of Greater Brisbane that community pharmacies remain open for business and are well-prepared for the three-day, snap Covid-19 lockdown announced by the Queensland Government on Monday 29 March.

“As primary healthcare providers, community pharmacies are here to help all Queenslanders, and already have protocols in place to ensure their safety and well-being,” says Mr Owen.

“These [protocols] include:

  • “Ensuring that all Queensland patients have fair and equitable access to their essential medicines.
  • “Ensuring patients maintain adequate social distancing while in store.
  • “Putting in place maximum purchasing limits to ensure supplies of items like PPE, masks and hand sanitiser can be fairly distributed across the community.”

“As essential primary healthcare services, Queensland’s vast network of over 1,200 community pharmacies will continue to be on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic and remain open to service members of the community,” continues Mr Owen.

“Community pharmacists and pharmacy assistants work safely each and every day to support and educate their local communities.

“I encourage consumers to visit to complete an eligibility check and see when they may be eligible for their Covid-19 vaccination.

“This eligibility tool is yet another way of educating the community, and supporting pharmacists, by providing Australians with clear and concise information,” he says.

Mr Owen reassures community pharmacies that The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Queensland Branch, will continue to “support all members should they need any support or advice regarding government directions at this time”.

Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are encouraged to visit for more information.


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