Diabetics encouraged to reduce stroke risk

Based on research recently published in the Medical Journal of Australia, Diabetes Australia has conducted new modelling, which reveals that almost 10,000 hospitalisations for stroke in Australia each year are among those with diabetes.

This represents approximately one in every four strokes and has prompted Diabetes Australia to encourage people living with diabetes to understand and reduce their risk of stroke.

“A stroke can have a major impact on your life,” says Diabetes Australia CEO Professor Greg Johnson.

“Not only are strokes a leading cause of death in Australia but strokes can also cause a range of disabilities, including loss of mobility, impaired speech and cognitive problems.”

Professor Johnson points to some simple things people with diabetes can do to reduce their risk of stroke.

These include speaking with your diabetes healthcare team, staying on top of your diabetes management and ensuring your blood glucose levels are under control, keeping your blood pressure in check, making health food choices, and staying within a healthy weight range.

“Above all talk to your GP,” says Professor Johnson.

“If you are isolating at home because of Covid, you can still make an appointment with your GP via telehealth.

“Your GP can help with weight loss, managing your blood pressure, helping you to quit smoking and there are new treatments that can also play an important role in reducing your risk of stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.”

For more information on reducing your risk of stroke, visit: diabetesaustralia.com.au 


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