Ensure cyber security this Scam Awareness Week

As National Scam Awareness Week (8-12 November) comes to an end for 2012, pharmacists are being reminded to protect their pharmacies by ensuring cyber security.

William Willcocks.

To help with this, the Australian College of Pharmacy (ACP) has announced a webinar for pharmacists focusing on cyber security and its impact on community pharmacy.

The webinar is scheduled to take place on 16 November at 7:00 PM AEST. Those interested can register online. The webinar is complimentary for ACP members.

The ACP’s CEO, Dr Dimitri Kopanakis, says the announcement, coming at the end of National Scam Awareness Week, offers pharmacists great value and an opportunity to hear from a cyber-security expert, Mr William Willcocks.

“We know cyber-security is an ever-growing area of concern for pharmacists and their respective businesses,” says Dr Kopanakis.

“That is why we are very excited to be able to offer this content by an expert like Mr Willcocks.

“Increasingly, cybercriminals are targeting organisations by taking advantage of gaps in the banking system, and the systems we use to manage businesses like procurement and manual control processes.

“The webinar will help pharmacists to understand and mitigate payment risks,” he says. 

Dr Kopanakis adds that Mr Willocks will be using his background in finance and procurement to explain the risk to the community pharmacy business, particularly in the payments area, from a finance and procurement perspective.

“William will be speaking to us regarding how utilising collaborative cyber-technology can minimise the exposure pharmacies face with regards to the risk of fraud and errors during the payment process,” says Dr Kopanakis.


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