Flu vax available from 5 years of age in NSW

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s NSW Branch welcomes the NSW Government’s announcement that the flu vaccination will now be available through pharmacies for everyone from 5 years of age.

The new arrangements come into effect immediately.

NSW Branch President of the Guild, David Heffernan, says the NSW Government is to be congratulated on making this important move.

“This is a very positive decision aimed at protecting the health of people throughout the State,” Mr Heffernan said.

“The combination of both Covid-19 and what is anticipated to be a severe flu season makes vaccination against the flu virus all the more important this year.

“Making the vaccination available to everyone five years of age and above means more people will be protected from the flu.

“By getting vaccinated against the flu, you can also help protect other people, especially those who are too sick or young to be vaccinated.”

Mr Heffernan also welcomes the announcement that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has released more 95 batches of influenza vaccine, consisting of over 16.8 million doses, for supply in Australia for the 2022 influenza season.

The release covers batches for both private supplies, including through pharmacies, and for Australian Government-funded programs. There are now eight influenza vaccines available in Australia in 2022, all of which are quadrivalent, which means they protect against four strains of influenza.

Mr Heffernan urges people to get their flu shot at a community pharmacy.

“Community pharmacists are among Australia’s most accessible healthcare professionals and so are very well-placed to administer flu shots. There is often no waiting time to get flu vax at a pharmacy,” he said.

You can book a flu shot through findapharmacy.com.au.


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