Four tips to improve your dispense workflow for paper and electronic scripts

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Despite the increasing complexities pharmacies face in handling multiple script types, it is possible to improve your dispensing workflow. Here are four electronic tools you can use to help improve your dispensary workflow and processes.

  1. Electronically queue all of your scripts

To methodically manage your pharmacy’s dispense workflow, consider which method best suits your dispensary:

  • digitally queuing all paper and electronic scripts;
  • managing all scripts in physical script baskets; or
  • using a combination of both.

All three queuing options are built into the Minfos Dispense workflow. What’s more, using Minfos eQueue, you can even manage a single electronic basket for multiple scripts for an individual or family.

The other benefit of electronically queuing your scripts is that you can use Minfos eQueue to easily and quickly dispense or view your baskets categorised by status (e.g., waiting, calling back or externally queued). This gives you more control and visibility in managing your scripts.

The next phase of electronic prescriptions is Active Script List (ASL). Soon, ASL will be integrated into the Minfos electronic queue workflow. For more information to help you take advantage of the seamless integration of eScripts and ASL, join us for the eScripts with ASL webinar on 22 April at 7pm (AEST).

  1. SMS your patients

According to a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics, 9 out of 10 Australians now own a smartphone and 90% of people read text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. With statistics like these, has your pharmacy considered using SMS to communicate with patients?

Sending SMS messages while dispensing is convenient and cost-effective. It is an easy and quick way to keep your patient informed on time-bound information such as script collection advice and vaccination appointment confirmations.

  1. Share product and customer notes electronically

Share special notes with your staff about products and customers as they need it.

In Minfos, you can add notes about a product, such as whether it is short-dated or discontinued. This can help ensure your inventory is performing at its optimal level.

Also consider adding internal customer notes to deliver consistent, personalised and tailored service to your patients. Using electronic customer notes can provide your staff special instructions when they are serving customers, such as a special order that is waiting for the customer to collect, special pricing or particular customer preferences.

  1. Protect your patient’s confidentiality

Pharmacists can preserve their patients’ privacy by packing and sealing script items in a bag and attaching a Totals Label. This can be scanned by the sales assistant without opening the bag. Minfos has the ability to generate Totals Labels that display all necessary information for the sales assistant such as the customer’s details, number of items dispensed and the total value of the script(s).

There are a myriad of ways you can leverage your pharmacy management software to deliver better patient care and achieve overall business management efficiencies. Talk to us today to find out how you can improve your pharmacy’s performance.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the Minfos eScripts with ASL webinar.


Text and feature image: Minfos 


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