Geitz gets the green light from Go Healthy

Go Healthy has announced a partnership with former Queensland Firebirds Captain Laura Geitz, which will see the recently retired sportswoman and mother prove that balancing motherhood, a career and a healthy lifestyle isn’t such a tall order.

Former Aussie Diamond, Ms Geitz will be working with Go Healthy to show people that they can ‘Go Be 100% You’ at any stage of life.

Go Healthy commercial manager Sarah Serle says Ms Geitz was a perfect fit for the brand and was approached for her efforts as a busy mother and role model, more so than her prowess on the netball court.

“It’s not usual for a personality to be approached to work with a brand as they reach retirement, but we really wanted to focus on so much more than Laura’s sporting abilities,” Ms Serle said.

“She is beautifully down-to-earth and has the ability to share just how important a healthy lifestyle can be.”

Rather than serving as a traditional ambassador, the 30-year-old will step up as a Go Healthy brand advocate – or a ‘Go Getter’. She will be sharing tips for her healthy way of life across the brand’s social, digital and instore channels as well as helping to inspire and motivate staff.

But striking the right balance can be tricky, says Ms Geitz, who hopes to showcase how she manages the ups and downs of daily life.

“Staying fit and healthy is essential for netball, but it’s also key to living a great life,” Ms Geitz said.

“Unfortunately, we have become so bound by the polished images on social media – many people just give up.

“I love the fact that Go Healthy encourages people to live their best life regardless of age and ability.

“This really resonated with me given that I’m entering the next stage of my working life, and that I spend a fair bit of time running workshops for teenage girls.”

When she’s not juggling busy family life which includes her active toddler Barney, Ms Geitz is sharing tips and expertise through her regular netball clinics.

“In conjunction with a healthy diet vitamins and minerals help our bodies function to their  full potential,” she said.

“Go Healthy supplements are part of my everyday routine, and assist me and in staying heathy.”

Ms Geitz swears by Go Magnesium 800 for muscle recovery, Go Probiotic 75 Billion to combat digestive disturbance and bloating, and Go Turmeric 16,000 to help manage pain and inflammation caused by previous rough and tumbles on the netball court.


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