GO Healthy wins at awards

New Zealand supplement company GO Health, has taken out the prestigious Product of the Year award for its GO Hemp Seed Oil 1,100mg within the Omega-3 category at NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2021.

GO Hemp Seed Oil 1,100mg was recognised as a standout amongst its category competitors for its superior ingredient quality and product innovation.

“We’re thrilled to take out the prestigious NutraIngredients-Asia Product of the Year award for our GO Hemp Seed Oil,” says Alex McDonald, GO Healthy General Manager.

“In a category with some formidable household name brands, the win is a testament to our focus on product purity, potency and innovation as we constantly look to challenge the industry through pioneering product development.

“As a brand we selectively source only the best ingredients to produce effective, single dose vitamins that pack a punch.

“We strive to continually make our products better and our range more effective, ensuring that we are the best in natural health.

“As the world continues to change, so do our health needs.

“As a result, GO Healthy is committed to constantly challenging the status quo, ensuring that our products are continuously made better and the range more effective to meet these shifting health requirements.”

GO Healthy’s GO Hemp Seed Oil 1,100mg is said to be an extra virgin, cold pressed oil extracted from Hemp seeds from the Hemp plant.

Hemp Seed Oil can reportedly be a beneficial food providing essential fatty acids to those that have allergies or a disinclination toward seafood.

Not only a great source of Omega-3’s and fatty acids, Hemp is also said to be considered a highly sustainable plant as it requires less water to grow than most plants and fewer chemicals as it naturally suppresses weeds.

Hemp is also said to help reduce carbon in the atmosphere by using its large, lush leaves to pull carbon from the air and return it to the soil.

For more information or stockists, visit: gohealthy.com.au


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