Good news for Heart Health Checks

Heart Health Checks will be Medicare-subsidised for another two years, according the the Heart Foundation, which is good news for the thousands of Australians at risk of a life-threatening heart attack or stroke.

The Heart Foundation applauds the Federal Government’s decision to extend the temporary MBS items until 2023 but will continue to push for Heart Health Checks to be covered by Medicare permanently.

The heart health body also reportedly plans to continue fighting for more funding to tackle heart disease – Australia’s single biggest killer.

“Making this life-saving check available under Medicare for another two years will ensure Australians at risk of heart and vascular diseases are detected early and managed appropriately,” says Heart Foundation Group CEO, Adjunct Professor John Kelly.

“While this is a welcome announcement, we will continue to push for Heart Health Checks to have a permanent spot on the MBS – a move that will help Australians live longer, healthier lives, and cut ongoing costs to our health system.”

Professor Kelly adds that “coronary heart disease takes the lives of 50 Australians every day, or one every 29 minutes” and that approximately “440 Australians are treated in hospital for heart disease each day”.

“Statistics like these show that heart disease is a significant ongoing issue for Australia, and we will continue to advocate for vital programs to reduce its incidence and impact,” says Professor Kelly.

“The future health of Australians depends on it.”


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