Growing their footprint in pharmacy

Nam Nguyen and Jono Gill, owners of Amcal Pharmacy St Clair in South Australia.

In the St Clair Village shopping centre in suburban Adelaide sits an Amcal Pharmacy whose team, led by pharmacists Jono Gill and Nam Nguyen, stepped up to the plate throughout the difficulties of 2020, to give their community the best health advice and support they could provide.

“Like most, a challenge during the height of Covid-19 was trying to calm and reassure our customers about the unknown, especially when every day was different and presented new challenges,” says Mr Gill and Mr Nguyen.

“We found ourselves needing to predict what might be ahead, and plan our business around these changes, such as adhering to PPE requirements and implementing Covid-19 restrictions.”

A priority for the pair was to keep not only customers but also staff safe. This included taking further precautions such as “installing sneeze guards, wearing PPE and having the store deep cleaned on a regular basis”.

A shining light through 2020 has been the staff effort at Amcal Pharmacy St Clair.

“We couldn’t be happier with how our team has worked together throughout 2020.

“It’s been so rewarding to see them grow and work towards the same goal, especially during the height of the pandemic.

“Our team immediately stepped up, working extended hours on the frontline with no hesitation, to help each other and our customers as much as possible.”

Fast Facts: Amcal Pharmacy St Clair, South Australia

Pharmacists: Jono Gill and Nam Nguyen

How long have you been a pharmacist? We’ve both been pharmacists for eight years.

Does your pharmacy offer professional services? If so, which ones?  Blood pressure services, diabetes risk assessment and management, home medication reviews, quit-smoking support, vaccination services and sleep apnoea services.

What kind of customers does your pharmacy attract? We’re in a shopping centre with high foot traffic, so we’re always seeing new faces. From regulars who have come to the store for years, to young people and families who have recently bought or are renting in the area.

What is the most successful OTC category in your pharmacy and why? The medicinal range, which includes products for pain relief, cough, cold and flu, hay fever and allergy symptoms.

What has been your most satisfying moment in the pharmacy? We’re all about giving back to our community and pride ourselves on being able to have a chat to anyone. It’s great to see our customers leave with a smile after having a positive experience with us. We also love to hear feedback from regular customers who have seen the difference we’ve made to the store since we’ve owned the business.

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