Immunisation events need to be reported to the AIR

As part of public health monitoring, it is encouraged that vaccinators report immunisation events, including Covid-19, influenza, and NIP vaccines, to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

To facilitate reporting to the AIR, the Australian Digital Health Agency has developed the Clinician Vaccine Integrated Platform (CVIP), which is expected to make it easier for vaccination providers who do not have clinical software that reports to the AIR, record vaccination information.

While it is not a requirement for healthcare professionals to use CVIP, it is said to provide a more streamlined method that makes uploading information to AIR more efficient – it provides a simpler solution in some instances by integrating vaccination check-in with vaccination recording and reporting in AIR.

To help pharmacists gain an understanding on how to report to the AIR and on how to use CVIP to undertake this reporting, Guild Learning and Developing has announced the availability of the online module titled Clinician Vaccine Integrated Platform (Pharmacy), which has been developed by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The module is available on GuildEd.

To enrol in this course, please visit:

Those interested in enrolling in this online module can also contact Guild Learning and Development on 1800 049 056 or email for more information.


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