Lifestyle & teeth habits: myths, facts and stats

DentaVox researched the perceptions of 5551 people globally in regard to different myths and facts about lifestyle and oral hygiene habits.

The analysis below reveals how respondents’ awareness compares to the experts’ opinions.

  1. Alcohol can cause dry mouth: FACT

82% of respondents answered correctly, pointing out that dry mouth is one of the influences of alcohol consumption.

The American Dental Association (ADA) warns that although it’s generally forgotten, dehydration can be highly damaging to teeth. When your saliva flow decreases, bacteria is not washed away from your enamel and thus clings to it causing tooth decay.

  1. Alcohol is better for teeth than Coke as it contains less sugar: MYTH

One third of survey participants think that alcohol is better for teeth than coke.

Alcohol damages teeth by dehydrating the mouth, staining teeth and increase acidity levels. Not all alcoholic drinks contain less sugar than coke.

  1. Alcohol kills all bacteria and thus eliminates dental plaque: MYTH

22% of respondents believe that alcohol is enough to kill bacteria stuck to teeth.

Experts warn that the typical alcohol-caused dry mouth leads to exactly the opposite effect due to insufficient saliva supposed to remove the bacteria from teeth.

  1. The only problem smoking causes to teeth is discolouration: MYTH

While 65% of people believe that discolouration is just one of the many bad effects smoking has on teeth, one-third of respondents claim that this is the only one they should worry about.

Smokers are also three to six times more likely to develop gum disease which can inflame the tooth roots and cause teeth to fall out.

  1. The risk of oral cancer is higher in smokers: FACT

This is a well-known fact to participants, as 93% of them agreed.

All tobacco products, are major risk factors to oral and other cancers because all of them contain toxins and carcinogens, according to the ADA.

  1. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables protect against cavities: FACT

Foods with fiber are the best natural protection against cavities and gum disease after good at-home hygiene.

Nearly 80% of interviewees agreed with fiber-rich fruits and their connection to good oral hygiene.

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