Minfos delivers new vaccine appointment interface

A new vaccine appointment interface is now available through Minfos, which will enable pharmacists to efficiently manage vaccination appointments made via an online booking platform.

This new interface will reportedly allow patient details to be automatically pulled from the booking platform into Minfos Dispense when booking an appointment.

Symbion General Manager of Pharmacy Technology, Andrew Hall says that the interface has been built together with TerryWhite Chemmart with the goal being “to help pharmacists save time by removing the need for them to manually type patient details from the booking platform into Minfos”.

“We are proud to deliver this innovation at a time when getting vaccinated has never been more important,” says Mr Hall.

The new dispense interface is said to provide the flexibility to dispense for a single appointment or a batch of appointments.

Pharmacists can also view current and upcoming patient appointments in Minfos, receive alerts when dispensing for a future date and utilise shortcuts to make vaccination appointment management easier.

‘A lifesaver for pharmacy’

Mitch Cox, pharmacist at TerryWhite Chemmart Belmont Forum, one of the first pharmacies to utilise the new vaccine appointment interface, says this new interface has been a lifesaver for his pharmacy.

“Having administered over 2500 vaccines in 2020, and being on track for similar numbers in 2021, we have a heavy load of administrative work to prepare for vaccinating,” says Mr Cox.

“Prior to this booking integration, we had multiple staff members staying back over two hours every day to prepare for the next day.

“It has smoothed this process to take less than half an hour, which can be done during a normal day.

“It has also allowed us to get more accurate data entry – I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process.”

Brands or groups looking to utilise this interface to integrate with their preferred booking platform are encouraged to email Minfos at help@minfos.com.au or phone 1300 887 418.


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