Mission: Pressure Down

In time for World Hypertension Day (17 May 2021), Stroke Foundation is calling on as many Australians as possible to check their blood pressure this month as part of Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check.

“Today [17 May 2021] is World Hypertension Day, and it serves as a timely reminder of the importance of regular blood pressure checks,” says Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sharon McGowan.

Ms McGowan points out that more than 4.7 million Australians are living with high blood pressure and are putting themselves at serious and unnecessary risk of stroke.

“You may think your health is fine but high blood pressure often has no immediate symptoms.

“Over time it puts extra stress on blood vessel walls. This can cause them to narrow or break down, increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

“The higher your blood pressure, the greater your risk of stroke,” she warns.

Due to Covid-19 Ms McGowan says that many people “may have put a blood pressure check on the backburner” but it’s now time to “take action” and get back on board with regular health checks, including getting your blood pressure checked.

Recognising the important need for regular blood pressure checks to help prevent health issues such as stroke, Blooms The Chemist is proud to partner with Stroke Foundation on Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check to encourage people to prioritise their health and reduce their risk of stroke.

Head of Pharmacy at Blooms The Chemist Eric Chan says even younger people in their 20s can be impacted by the adverse effects of having high blood pressure.

“We all know how important it is to maintain our health and wellness. Getting into the habit of having a regular blood pressure check could save your life,” says Mr Chan.

“I encourage all Australians to get involved in Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check this May and complete a blood pressure check at your local pharmacy or with your GP.”


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