New app set to make filling scripts easier

Medate, the new Australian app launched in July this year, is set to make fulfilling prescription medications as simple as ordering a meal from Uber Eats.

Designed by Australian doctors and pharmacists, the secure app aims to help overcome the difficulties many patients experience with getting to a pharmacy to fill their prescriptions.

“Medmate is the first app in Australia that is able to process prescriptions electronically for home medicine delivery,” says Medmate Managing Director and CEO, Dr Ganesh Naidoo.

“Our platform allows patients to order medications and general pharmacy items from their chosen pharmacy listed in the app without ever needing to leave home.

“The service is free for patients and medication prices are matched or similar to major discount chemists with many pharmacies offering free delivery to their local patients.

“As a GP, I know many people struggle to get to a doctor and visit a pharmacy because they live in regional or isolated areas, are too unwell to travel, or are simply too busy,” he says.

Dr Naidoo adds that with Medmate patients can cut out all the “inconveniences that go with filling scripts”.

The new app will also reportedly integrate the e-script technology introduced by The Commonwealth Department of Health in October 2019. “Other medication management apps still require you to visit a pharmacy to drop off paper scripts. With Medmate, that step is entirely removed, saving you time and further breaking down the barriers to medication adherence,” says Dr Naidoo.

With Covid-19 rapidly accelerating the use of telehealth and online medication sales in Australia and around the world, the need for streamlining the healthcare experience has never been greater.

“When the pandemic began, we saw the need for script fulfilment and dispensing to rapidly transform in line with the changing times. We wanted to ensure people could get access to the medications they needed, from their preferred healthcare providers, while feeling safe and secure,” adds Dr Naidoo.

The Medmate app will also allow users to:

  • Book face-to-face or telehealth doctor appointments to get scripts.
  • Order medications from a local pharmacy.
  • Track medications with medication reminders and automated script refilling.
  • Manage medications for family members.
  • Download e-referrals for services such as pathology and radiology.

To download the app, visit:

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