New National Council Committees for the Guild

Media Release

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s new National Council met in South Australia on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th March to bring on board its new Councillors.

As this new Council will be responsible for leading the Guild toward its Centenary, significant time was given to ensuring strategic areas were prioritised, including a review of the Guild’s strategic plan, framework for change and scope of practice for the profession.

That strategic review led to a reconfirmation of the commitment and dedication of the strength of the Guild’s federated model with branches in every state and territory, as supported by a national secretariat.

The Guild’s new National Council will be focused on leading the organisation and its members towards the Guild’s Centenary in 2028 and beyond.

To support that long term strategic vision, the Guild has established new National Council Committees on dedicated areas that include Government and public relations, workplace relations, health economics and policy, clinical governance and corporate governance and services.

“I want to ensure that we are set up for the Centenary of the Guild. This new National Council will be absolutely focused on ensuring that our members are ready and supported for the changes that are coming for their business, their workforce and for their profession,” says the Guild’s National President, Professor Trent Twomey.

“From the very young to our older citizens, from the cities to the outback, community pharmacy is there helping people to achieve better health and wellness outcomes for all Australians.

“I want all of our existing, and future members to be able to practice to their full scope by the Guild’s Centenary.”

The five new Council Committees focused on the agreed strategic areas will be chaired by National Councillors with the support of the branches and the national secretariat.

Terms of reference for these new Committees will be finalised at the National Council Meeting prior to APP2021 in May. New Council Committee and Chairs include:

  • NSW Branch President David Heffernan as Chair of Government and Public Relations Committee.
  • ACT Branch President Simon Blacker, Chair of Clinical Governance Committee.
  • Victorian Branch President Anthony Tassone, Chair of Health Economics and Policy Committee.
  • Tasmanian Branch President Helen O’Byrne, Chair of Workplace Relations
  • Queensland Branch President Chris Owen as Chair of Corporate Governance and Services Committee.

Text: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia


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