New pharmacy online training

Minfos is introducing new Learning Pathways, a free role-based online training courses for pharmacies.

Learning Pathways is designed to enable pharmacies to quickly train new and existing staff to effectively perform their role using Minfos. It is also a useful resource for locum pharmacists working in pharmacies so that they can accurately and efficiently dispense.

Minfos Learning Pathways is designed to empower pharmacy staff to learn at their own time and pace. Each Learning Pathway is divided into digestible topics and supported by a mix of short videos, quick guides, practical examples and checklists to help learners track their progress. This makes it easy for staff to learn in small, convenient time blocks.

Learning can be undertaken at anytime, anywhere, using any device. Learners can start and stop the on-demand courses as it suits them so that they can undertake the training at a time that is suitable to both themselves and the pharmacy. This ensures staff training can occur around their daily duties, helping the pharmacy save time and money by reducing productivity downtime.

Pharmacies will be able to simultaneously train multiple employees with different roles. Using the online Learning Pathways, multi-store pharmacies can standardise staff training, without the need for a dedicated trainer for the software component.

“At Minfos, we understand just how difficult it is for pharmacy owners and managers to find time to train staff, which is why we’re pleased to be introducing role-based online training courses free of charge for Minfos customers,” says Andrew Hall, Symbion General Manager Pharmacy Technology.

“The structured role-based Learning Pathways takes the guess work out of training staff to use Minfos as it applies to their role. With the courses being available online, staff do not even have to leave the pharmacy to take up the training. Our aim is to reduce the time, cost and effort required to upskill new and existing pharmacy staff to efficiently use Minfos. Best of all, they can revisit a course at any time if they need a refresher.”

“Pharmacies now have a smarter, more efficient training option for their staff with Minfos Learning Pathways. This is just another example of Minfos’ commitment to helping our customers grow.”

There are currently three Learning Pathways available:

  • Dispensary Essentials – a great introduction for pharmacists and dispensary technicians.
  • Sales Clerk Essentials – a must for all staff who will process sales
  • Till Management – advanced Minfos Till knowledge for retail managers and supervisors.

For more information contact: or 1300 887 418.


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