NostraData Retail Performance

Total retail performance was 7.2 per cent up compared to last week and -0.2 per cent down compared to the same time last year. Overall growth sank into negative territory over the last 12 weeks and based on the trend last year looks to decline -0.5 per cent over the next nine weeks. The top performing category, Natural Medicine was 77.4 per cent greater than the next largest category, Baby, last week. The top brands are A2, Panadol and Elevit. At the same time last year, Panadol, Elevit and Ferro Gradumet were the top three brands. Panadol Osteo fell 21 per cent compared to same week last year, while Elevit also declined 26 per cent. Nicorette continued its strong weekly performance with 22 per cent growth compared to last year.
This report is based on sales in the last week from more than 2000 pharmacies. The “Top 10 Products Chart” only reports where the number of stores the item was sold exceeds 400.

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