NSW offers free flu vax

The NSW Government has announced that from 1-30 June flu vaccines will be available free of charge to the State’s residents aged 5 years and over through community pharmacies.

This, according to NSW Branch President of the Guild, David Heffernan reflects the State Government’s commitment to helping protect residents in NSW from what is emerging as a very severe flu season.

“Harnessing the vaccinating capacity of community pharmacists is crucial to tackling all avoidable hospitalisations,” Mr Heffernan said.

“This is an important community health outcome for the people of NSW.

“Building on the Guild members’ work during the Covid pandemic, NSW Health has chosen the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program as one of the providers to facilitate this mass-vaccination program.

“All NSW community pharmacies that offer vaccination services will have the opportunity to participate in this program, including those who are not currently participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program,” he said.

Mr Heffernan said the combination of Covid-19 and the flu made it all the more important for people to be vaccinated against the flu this season.

“This decision to make the flu vaccination available free of charge through community pharmacies is a very pragmatic move in helping ensure there is maximum uptake of flu vaccinations,” Mr Heffernan said.

“Being available through community pharmacies makes access to the vaccinations easy for NSW residents.

“On average, patients visit a community pharmacy 18 times a year. In capital cities, 97% of people have access to at least one pharmacy within a 2.5 km radius, while in other areas 66% of people are within 2.5 km of a pharmacy.

“This means this free flu vaccination initiative can be easily accessed across the State through a local community pharmacy,” he said.

Mr Heffernan said the Government’s decision came on top of the announcement last week to make the flu vaccination available to everyone aged 5 years and above.


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