Pharmacy Heroes celebrated for extraordinary work at APP2021

Rather than recognising one outstanding community pharmacy in the usual format of the Pharmacy Guild’s Pharmacy of the Year competition, due to Covid-19 restrictions over the last 12+ months, this year’s award was amended to showcase the whole community pharmacy network and all that community pharmacies have done and continue to do during the challenging times that have defined 2020 and 2021 so far.

Held as part of the opening plenary session at APP2021, this year’s Pharmacy of the Year presentation recognised the extraordinary work and dedication of the 5900 community pharmacies across Australia.

A feature of the presentation was the release of a special video highlighting some of the extraordinary work undertaken by community pharmacists over the past year.

“It has been an incredible year and one in which pharmacies have risen to the challenge and gone above and beyond to help their patients and communities,” said National President of the Guild, Adjunct Professor Trent Twomey, adding that extending the Guild Pharmacy of the Year recognition to all pharmacies was an appropriate recognition of the work and sacrifices of the sector as a whole.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the whole sector,” he said.

The awards are sponsored by Care Pharmaceuticals whose General Manager, Johnathan Biddle said the way community pharmacies had responded to the challenges of the past year was remarkable.

“Given the restrictions and the need to change the format of the Guild Pharmacy of the Year award this year it was only fitting that the whole community pharmacy sector be recognised,” said Mr Biddle.

“We are proud to be part of the pharmacy profession and to be able, through the Guild Pharmacy of the Year competition, to give back to that sector which is so much part of our everyday business.”

View the Pharmacy Heroes video here.


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