QLD Budget sets pharmacists up for Scope of Practice Pilot

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) welcomes education funding for pharmacists in the Miles Government’s 2024-25 Queensland State Budget.

The state budget commits $6 million to enable pharmacists to complete additional training to support the state-wide rollout of the Queensland Community Pharmacy Scope of Practice Pilot. This includes completion of prescribing training and clinical practice training, and will allow participating pharmacists to treat and prescribe medicines for common health conditions and wellbeing services, making healthcare more accessible for Queenslanders.

PSA also welcomes the government’s $72.9 million investment in free vaccinations for

Queenslanders, including $40 million to fund influenza vaccines for all Queenslanders aged over 6 months, $26 million to fund meningococcal B vaccines for eligible infants, children, and adolescents, and $6.9 million to fund RSV vaccines.

PSA Queensland President Mr Shane MacDonald said the budget gives pharmacists the support they need to prepare for Australia’s most progressive scope of practice pilot.

“Investment in pharmacists ensures that our workforce is ready to offer expanded health services to Queenslanders,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Financial support to help meet training costs means more pharmacists participating in the pilot, and more services in more communities.

“We thank the Miles Government for their continued support and collaboration with the profession to bring the Scope of Practice Pilot to Queenslanders, better utilising the skills and accessibility of pharmacists to improve access to healthcare across the state.

“PSA is pleased to again welcome the continuation of free influenza vaccines for Queenslanders in 2025, easing the cost burden of essential vaccines on Queensland families,” Mr MacDonald continued.

“Knowing that every patient will have access to a vaccination at no cost, pharmacists can proactively plan now for the 2025 flu season.”



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