Storbie teams up with Pharmacy Alliance

There has perhaps never been a greater need for the optimisation of digital channels and the digital web experience than now, particularly with the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To keep up with the demands of the modern, digital website experience within the retail pharmacy industry, pharmacy website platform, Storbie has teamed up with Pharmacy Alliance to help independent pharmacy members in the digital space.

Reportedly, the two organisations are exploring the opportunity for an aggregated website solution for their Alliance Pharmacy branded members to take on other banner brands.

“Community pharmacies really punch above their weight considering just how complex their businesses are,” says Storbie founder and CEO, Shane Bartle.

“We tend to think of small businesses as being lean and able to respond quickly to these changes while the big players lag behind. In reality, these independent businesses in established industries have a massive amount of complexity to content with and they’re doing it with a fraction of the resources of the big players.”

According to Mr Bartle, it’s Storbie’s mission to give some power back to community pharmacy owners.

He says that this partnership with Pharmacy Alliance is a significant milestone on the path to empowering community pharmacies online.

“Pharmacy Alliance is a key player in this industry, and we are excited about the potential to help their members achieve great things with the help of digital channels.”

According to Pharmacy Alliance Managing Director, Simon Reynolds this partnership will “bring community pharmacy into line with modern digital experiences”.

“Part of our plan this year is for Storbie to centralise administration support for our Alliance Pharmacy members [while] still providing members autonomy over how they engage with their patients online,” he says.

Pharmacy Alliance GM of Marketing and Member Services, Nimfa Martinez, is enthusiastic about the impact this partnership can have on the pharmacy industry as a whole.

“It’s clear to us that they are committed to community pharmacy – honing in on the detail of what it is pharmacies need to succeed with an omnichannel presence. Services bookings and support for e-scripts are already features they are working on. We’re excited to be working with them and supporting our members into the future,” she says.

Reportedly, Storbie’s community pharmacy website platform is already used by more than 350 community pharmacies across Australia and New Zealand.

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