Stroke guidelines updated

New and updated recommendations for stroke management have been published by the Medical Journal of Australia, as part of Australia’s living guidelines for stroke.

Living guidelines can be updated as new evidence becomes available so that they remain current and up to date with the latest data.

The Australian and New Zealand living guidelines for stroke management are said to be the first of their kind globally.

More than 30 new and updated recommendations have been made since 2018, including five new strong recommendations. Three updates graded as strong recommendations have also been made.

Details of the updates can be found here: 

“Rapid guideline updates as part of a living model are almost certain to have played a significant role by expediting local and state-wide system changes,” wrote the authors of the summary, led by Professor Coralie English, from the University of Newcastle.

“Importantly, living guidelines provide currency of advice. The experience with stroke as well as other guidelines demonstrates that the rigour of the methods does not need to be compromised when living modes are adopted.

“Our model of continual evidence surveillance and timely updates to recommendations is feasible, but sustainability remains a challenge.

“Now that we have started down this road, the message from guideline end-users is that a return to the old model of static updates is no longer acceptable, and ongoing long term investment in living guidelines must be prioritised,” Professor English and colleagues said.


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