Supporting drs’ mental health

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) encourages all Australians to buy a pair of ‘crazy socks’ to support doctors’ mental health on Crazy Socks for Docs Day on 3 June.

Started by Dr Geoffrey Toogood in 2017, Crazy Socks for Docs Day aims to address mental health stigma among health practitioners.

It’s a day for doctors to recognise that it’s OK not the be OK and it’s more important now than ever.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the past two years, particularly challenging for those on the frontline.

RACGP President Adjunct Professor Karen Price says that “burnout and mental health issues are real concerns” for the profession – health issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

However, she says that mental health stigma remains an issue, making initiatives like Crazy Socks for Docs Day so important.

“It created a safe space for us to have a conversation about mental health and wellbeing and to fight the stigma, and we really need that,” says A0dj. Professor Price.

“I hope that this year we see more Australians getting behind this cause and joining doctors in wearing their ‘crazy socks’ on Friday 3 June – because mental health support for those who need it is so critical right now.

“I encourage everyone to check in with themselves, their colleagues and loved ones. And if you need help, reach out for support – this could be reaching out to your own GP, or a psychologist or psychiatrist.”

The RACGP is selling special socks, with all proceeds going to Beyond Blue. Show your support by purchasing your own pair online at the RACGP Shop, and wearing them on Friday 3 June.


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