Symbion celebrates 175 years in business

Symbion celebrates 175 years in business
Symbion celebrates 175 years in business

This month marks the 175th anniversary of what is now known as Symbion, one of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and providers of end-to-end solutions. Founder Francis Hardy Faulding opened his first pharmacy, exporting products from England, in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall in 1845.

“I am extremely proud to work for a company that has one of the longest continuing histories in Australian business – not many organisations have this link”, said Symbion CEO Brett Barons.

“Looking back on the Symbion journey of the past 175 years, many things have changed alongside the evolution of healthcare service delivery in Australia. However, our commitment to getting our customers the products they need hasn’t changed, though how we get the products to them certainly has.”

The company says that even though Symbion has evolved and expanded, rolling out new services and acquiring complementary businesses, what has remained constant throughout is a strong commitment to helping make life easier for customers and improving health outcomes across Australia.

“While 2020 has not been without its challenges, we can take pride in what we’ve achieved over the past 175 years. More importantly though, we are fully focussed on looking ahead to the changing needs of our customers and how we can continue to improve the service we provide them,” Mr Barons said.

Today Symbion employs 2000 staff across Australia and is a modern, technology focused business that comprises wholesale, Pharmacy Choice, HealthSAVE, Minfos, Intellipharm, DoseAid, Cincotta and others, while the original Faulding brand lives on directly through quality driven consumer products.

“Symbion is effectively a one-stop shop for pharmacy and we want both current and prospective customers to understand that no matter their individual needs, we have a solution that can be tailored to match,” Mr Barons said.