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Research project focus on PTSD in emergency units

UNSW Sydney and insurer EML will undertake a three-year project to better understand and treat the links between post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety in NSW emergency services personnel. The research, to be funded by an Australia Research Council grant, will evaluate an NSW emergency services rehabilitation program …

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Cannabis Access Clinics consults are now cheaper

Cannabis Access Clinics has reduced the price of consults for patients in Queensland. The reduction reflects changes announced by the Queensland government on August 30 regarding streamlined access to medicinal marijuana. The new approach taken in the state expands the class of doctor who can apply and reduces the reporting …

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5 ways to banish anxious thinking and become a more powerful you

Why do we spend such a crazy amount of time worrying about things? Small things, big things, imagined things – anything? If our anxiety paid dividends, fine, but in most cases it only serves to heighten stress levels, and dilute our confidence, courage and performance quality. Some worry of course, …

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