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Allergan glaucoma commitment

Allergan Australia will sponsor Glaucoma Australia with a donation of $300,000 over three years. The partnership’s focus will be on early detection and treatment adherence to help prevent irreversible blindness and boosting education and support for existing patients. “For the next three years Allergan will be supporting our mission to …

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Hypoglycaemia focus in diabetes rethink

A psychology researcher at Victoria’s Deakin University has joined an international project pushing for a rethink on how diabetes is treated, with an aim to address hypoglycaemia. The four-year, $42 million Hypo-Resolve project brings together researchers, clinicians, industry and those living with diabetes to increase understanding of the causes and …

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150,000 Aussies unaware they have

Despite glaucoma being the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness, more than 10 million Australians don’t automatically consider having a simple eye test from an optometrist or ophthalmologist, which can save their sight, says Glaucoma Australia (GA). This means they are potentially suffering preventable but irreversible blindness. The peak Australian …

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