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Muscle mass linked to healthy hearts in men

Researchers have found that lean muscle mass plays more of a crucial role throughout someone’s middle-age than initially suspected. The amount of lean muscle mass a person has, more specifically men, is linked to their future risk of heart disease. The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health explains that muscular tissue …

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Plant protein linked to longevity

An observational study with 70, 696 participants has shown that eating plant protein is associated with lower risk of death. The study has suggested encouraging a greater intake of plant-based protein as this may be related to better health and longevity. According to the study’s authors, while meat intake didn’t …

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Apple shaped women at greater risk

Recent results from an observational study – ‘Risk of Death Among Postmenopausal Women With Normal Weight and High Abdominal Fat’ – have found that post-menopausal healthy-weight women (Body Mass Index (BMI) 18.5-24.9) with central obesity (waist circumference greater than 88cm) are at a higher risk of death from chronic disease …

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