The vision for pharmacy is set to bloom

With the Covid-19 pandemic cementing the role of community pharmacy as the frontline of healthcare, community pharmacy group Blooms The Chemist is set to unveil its bold vision for the future of the industry at APP2021.

Called ‘Pharmacy 2030’, according to Blooms The Chemist’s CEO, Phil Smith, the 2030 vision is “driven by growth and innovation that is set to reimagine the role of community pharmacists and pharmacies in healthcare in Australia”.

“Pharmacy 2030 looks at futureproofing and transforming the role of the community pharmacist and pharmacies to meet the evolving needs of the communities in which they serve.

“At Blooms The Chemist people are our number one priority and we know that our patients need us now more than ever.

“Through Pharmacy 2030 and our sustained business model, it is our goal to contribute to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, collaborating with our general practitioner and allied health partners, supporting pharmacists to thrive as they serve and improve the health of their local communities,” says Mr Smith.

Five Key Pillars

Pharmacy 2030 is based on five key pillars and aims to transform the practice of pharmacy to make lasting impacts on communities.

The five pillars are:

  • The evolving role of the pharmacist to healthcare provider;
  • Technological innovation;
  • Evolution in retail experience and customer loyalty;
  • People as the primary focus: and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Purpose.

Each pillar is reportedly based on the premise that the pharmacist’s role has evolved from being merely a dispenser of medications to being a recognised clinical healthcare provider, working alongside GPs and allied health practitioners, with a deeper understanding of the personal circumstances and needs of each individual patient.

“A thriving network of more than 2000 passionate professionals, Blooms The Chemist really has a strong business model that supports people in all stages of their lives and careers to enter pharmacy ownership,” says Blooms The Chemist Head of Retail and Pharmacist, Emmanuel Vavoulas.

“Fifteen years ago, pharmacy ownership seemed out of reach for me.

“However, through a unique finance model and a chance meeting with the now Chairman of the Board at Blooms The Chemist who was looking for a partner, I was given an opportunity to buy into a very profitable pharmacy that, with hard work, grew into something that is quite special.

“I would like to see other pharmacists considering ownership to enjoy the same opportunities that have got me where I am today,” he says.

To learn more about Pharmacy 2030, visit:

APP2021 attendees are also encouraged to visit Blooms The Chemist at stand 156 and 158, and to attend the Pharmacy 2030 keynote presentation with CEO Phil Smith, Head of Retail Emmanuel Vavoulas and CMO Pamela Bishop on Saturday 22 May, 9:15-9:45am.


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