Ventura Health and Fred IT Group join forces

Ventura Health and Fred IT are teaming up to implement the Fred NXT cloud solution nationally, providing Ventura with long-term competitive gains while also catering to the individual needs of its pharmacies.

As a multibrand pharmacy resource centre, Ventura Health supports the retail management and technology needs of more than 80 pharmacies, including Cincotta Discount Chemist, Mega Save Chemist, You Save Chemist, Max Value Pharmacy, Better Buy Pharmacy and My Medical Pharmacy.

According to Ventura Health CEO Mario Capanna, the group has joined the partnership to embrace digital changes in retail pharmacy.

“Our partnership with Fred was driven by the need for greater flexibility and future-proofing,” he said. “We wanted to match the contemporary landscape-facing pharmacy and provide much greater flexibility and individualised support for our pharmacies.

“We wanted to provide our pharmacies with multiple options for honing their competitive advantage, such as the ability to provide more competitive offers, to target pricing and stock from store to store, and to adapt to the demographic needs of customers.

“Investing in a new head office management platform was clearly the answer.
“We also needed a guarantee that we were investing in a platform that would evolve with our future needs. Our new head office management system will allow our pharmacies to take advantage of different business opportunities as these arise, while also providing the flexibility that we need to adapt and grow.”

According to Fred IT Group CEO Paul Naismith, the partnership represents a significant opportunity for advancing best practice in pharmacy and retail management.

“We’re delighted to be working with Ventura Health to realise their vision for a more adaptable and durable head office management system that can also deliver on the benefits of cloud computing, such as lowered infrastructure costs and increased competitive efficiencies,” he said.

“Longer term, the partnership lays the foundation for continued innovations in how we manage retail pharmacy environments, with a view to increasing business success for pharmacies and strengthening customer service.”

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