World Cavity-Free Future Day

Ahead of World Cavity-Free Future Day (14 October), an international initiative to reduce concerning rates of tooth decay around the world, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has launched its new website.

ADA’s new website is an update from the previous online consumer-facing content and aims to answer common questions people have about teeth, mouths and oral health.

Using ADA’s new website, consumers and deep dive into the world of oral health with trusted information from the nation’s dentists.

“ will help broaden people’s knowledge on how to look after their teeth, with access to trusted information and advice on over 90 topics,” says the ADA’s Oral Health Promoter Dr Mikaela Chinotti.

“As well as providing education through videos and podcasts and help users find an ADA member dentist with the website’s ‘Find-A-Dentist’ functionality.”

Curious consumers and patients can dive right in and get all the information they need including the latest scientific advice and information on all the hot topics in oral health, like attending the dentist during the pandemic, safe ways to get whiter teeth, the harmful practice of vaping and how gum disease can be avoided.

“There’s also advice on accessing Government-supported dental schemes and care, as well as oral health promotion initiatives such the ADA’s Cool Australia lessons for Australian educators which integrate oral health into everyday school lessons,” says Dr Chinotti.

The new site is expected to regularly have new content added, which reflects the latest evidence around oral health.

A key feature of the site will reportedly be providing information on the links between whole body health and the mouth – like eating disorders, asthma, dementia and diabetes.

“It’s an opportunity for everyone to increase their knowledge, upskill their oral health practices and find a dentist,” adds Dr Chinotti.

To visit the new site, visit:


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