1000th pharmacist recognised as ANZCAP opens drop-in consultations to meet demand

1000th pharmacist recognised as ANZCAP opens drop-in consultations to meet demand.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP) has formally recognised its 1000th pharmacist while opening drop-in consultation sessions to all pharmacists in Australia and New Zealand to support the completion of the fast-track foundation program.

Five months since opening Australasia’s first comprehensive pharmacy recognition program, Christopher Thornton FANZCAP (Gerimed, Primcare), an accredited pharmacist based in Sydney, was the 1000th pharmacist to be recognised by ANZCAP.

“currently I work in aged care facilities across NSW and GP practices in Western Sydney for the Primary Health Network. I have over ten years of experience working in a range of primary and secondary care settings, as well as community pharmacy,” says Chris.

‘Until ANZCAP, there really hasn’t been a formal way to demonstrate this type of experience and specialisation and I think it’s necessary as the roles of pharmacists continue to evolve to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape.’

ANZCAP recently introduced six new specialty areas to better reflect the ever-expanding scope of pharmacy practice, a key benefit seen by many including newly recognised hospital pharmacist Olivia Refalo ANZCAP-Reg. (Generalist, ObsGynae).

‘For the last few years, I have been passionately working to address the complex healthcare needs of women in the hospital where I work, especially in areas like Women’s Health,’ says Olivia.

It’s great that ANZCAP clearly and formally recognises this specialty area of practice, highlighting the depth of passion and expertise required to meet the diverse needs of women.’

Last night ANZCAP delivered a special webinar for community pharmacists as pharmacists from across all practice settings undertake the limited-time Foundation Program, which recognises prior professional experience.

Community Pharmacist Dr Jack Collins FANZCAP (CommPharm, Research), says ANZCAP is important as pharmacy roles continue to evolve.

“The work we do in the community pharmacy setting will look different in five, 10 and 20 years, so it’s important to prepare for change and be able to demonstrate the diverse skills that may be needed to fulfil these future roles,” says Jack.

“Historically we have not had much formal recognition for community pharmacy as a specialised area of practice. GPs have a very structured approach, for example, and it’s fantastic we now have this avenue of appreciation for the work that community pharmacists do.”

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