A 2 minute test that could save a life

This week is Kidney Health Week (21-27 May) and Kidney Health Australia is taking the opportunity to remind adults to take a simple two-minute online test to determine if they’re at risk of developing kidney disease.

The online test developed by Kidney Health Australia can be taken anywhere, any time, and includes nine questions that help identify your risk of kidney disease.

The test will determine whether a follow-up appointment with your GP for a Kidney Health Check is recommended – a simple check that could save your life.

Three in four Australians are at risk of kidney disease with the highest contributing factors being diabetes and high blood pressure.

Kidney disease has no symptoms and 90% of kidney function can be lost without warning, meaning diagnosis is often too late and little can be done at that late stage to avoid kidney failure.

However, early detection can slow or even stop the progression of this insidious, incurable, and deadly disease.

“For the first time in 20 years, there are new treatments for kidney disease that can slow down the progression to kidney failure,” says Nephrologist and Clinical Director at Kidney Health Australia, Dr Karen Dwyer.

“Early detection has never been more important – we have a unique opportunity to change the future for so many Australians.

“The best thing you can do this Kidney Health Week is find out if you are one of the three in four Aussies at risk of kidney disease and if so, get a Kidney Health Check with your GP.”

Kidney Health Australia CEO, Chris Forbes says the goal of the organisation is to increase knowledge and awareness of early kidney disease detection.

“We encourage everyone to take the two-minute test on the Kidney Health Australia website,” says Mr Forbes.

“It’s a simple way to determine your risk of kidney disease and take the appropriate steps to avoid life, or the quality of it, being cut short.”

Kidney Health Australia’s General Manager, Clinical and Research, Breonny Robson points out that Kidney Health Week is a chance for people to put their kidneys at the top priority and to really think about their kidney health.

“The goal for the week is getting the community to understand whether they’re at risk of kidney disease, and if they are, taking action to do something about it,” she says.

Kidney Health Week is May 21-27, when local communities across the country will join forces to spread awareness of kidney disease, highlighting that it’s more than a wee problem, and encouraging all Australians to take the 2 min online risk test.

For more information, visit: kidney.org.au/atrisk.

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