A Plus for CW group in MedAdvisor deal

MedAdvisor’s PlusOne pharmacy software has been selected by Chemist Warehouse as its platform for the promotion, recording and delivery of all its health programs.

The medication management company has been providing SMS services for Chemist Warehouse for more than eight years, but the pharmacy outlet group has not previously used the broader PlusOne capability.

The new three-year agreement will extend MedAdvisor services to include the 6CPA professional services and other funded health programs for Chemist Warehouse pharmacies.

The health programs promote health literacy and improved medication adherence to enhance health outcomes and are principally funded by government through government programs and pharmaceutical manufacturers (sourced by MedAdvisor).

MedAdvisor says that this year alone it has provided its network of aligned pharmacies with significant revenue opportunities through its range of health programs.

The company adds that the addition of Chemist Warehouse customers to the available audience for health programs that can be reached via the MedAdvisor network will further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the channel and increase the funding commitment by third-party funders for the benefit of community pharmacy.

Chemist Warehouse will continue to use its existing customer smartphone app, says MedAdvisor CEO Robert Read.

“MedAdvisor is a truly agnostic player with a focus on developing the best software to help pharmacies link with patients and provide better health services,” he said.

“We are pleased to cement our relationship with Chemist Warehouse with this new three-year agreement, which will drive improved health outcomes through the range of health programs available via MedAdvisor.”

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