For nearly three decades, Retail Pharmacy has been the leading trade publication in the pharmacy industry. We have always understood the importance a pharmacy has on its community and with an in-depth integrated approach we have provided the most up to date information for both the pharmacy-specific and retail- related business.

With a greater understanding of the pharmacy business in the community we are specifically designed for pharmacists and pharmacy owners to better help equip them in their day to day running of their business.

We are there not only to reach pharmacists as influential health professionals but also as business operators, helping them make informed and responsible decisions about their pharmacy within a retail environment.

With regular industry experts and a strong dedicated editorial team, we provide health features, current news and trends, as well as present ethical, complementary medicines and OTC that will enhance their best business practices.

This year, we’ll be launching another title of unrivalled quality, Retail Pharmacy Assistants. We understand how important pharmacy assistants are to the industry and to the local communities they serve – they should have their own publication.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants will be media partner for the 2019 Pharmacy Assistant National Conference and the official media award partner for the Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants will launch on April 10, 2019.


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Fast fact: Retail Pharmacy is not linked to an official pharmacy association or body. It has no bias and supports a wide range of voices from all stakeholders in the industry.