Access to influenza vaccination expanded

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia WA Branch welcome the move by the WA Government to allow trained pharmacists to administer influenza vaccination to patients aged 10 years and over.

This is said to be a critical step in the fight against this virus and is a response to demand from the public for better access to safe and effective vaccination against the flu.

“We know hospital admissions due to influenza are up, and there have been tragic outcomes this flu season,” said Pharmacy Guild of Australia WA Branch President, Andrew Ngeow. “This action being taken is very appropriate and effectively immediately.”

The reduction in the age of patients able to be vaccinated by trained pharmacists is said to build on the contribution that pharmacists in Australia have made to public health over the years. Administering these vaccinations to young patients as well, is said to be well within the scope of practice of trained pharmacist vaccinators.

“Pharmacists have great relationships with, and respect for, general practitioners, and will continue to work collaboratively with them in a combined effort to maximise immunity against influenza,” explained Mr Ngeow. “This measure is about putting patients and public health first.”

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