AI platform predicts risk for food allergies

MyOr, a digital technology company, is pioneering an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform that is able to predict and mitigate the risk of food allergies and related conditions in infants.

MyOr’s innovative platform offers a potential for prevention by accurately predicting these conditions even before their onset, thereby creating a significant shift from reactive to proactive healthcare.

MyOr’s AI-driven risk assessment, MyorCare, uses a non-invasive, easy-to-use survey that parents complete, providing information about family history, environment, and other risk factors.

The company’s advanced AI algorithms analyse this data to reliably determine the newborn’s risk for food allergies and related conditions.

“Implementing MyorCare will have a colossal impact. We have the potential to know if we are at risk before any sign or symptom of the condition and can change the future of disease progression. This is how we can change individual lives and create a collective impact in healthcare,” says Dr Katz, MyOr CEO.

For more information about MyOr and the MyorCare platform, visit:

The platform is expected to hit pharmacies in September 2023.

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