Amcal’s latest campaign targets sleep apnoea

As people head back outdoors and start to return to their daily routines, Amcal Pharmacy’s latest campaign harnesses the dynamic capabilities of digital billboards to reach and assist tired Australians in helping to educate on the potential signs and symptoms of undiagnosed sleep apnoea.

Amcal is utilising real time traffic data via Google Maps, to provide passing commuters with the live estimated travel time to the nearest Amcal Pharmacy. Once there, consumers can get the right advice and products to help them sleep better after prolonged periods of travel or after a busy work day, and ultimately, improve their overall wellbeing with the help of a qualified pharmacist.

Amcal has also implemented time sensitive creative, targeting consumers on their daily commute to see how they are feeling. Running messages such as “are you still tired?” during the morning peak, “feeling drained?” during the drive home and “all you need is sleep” throughout the night.

Kurt O’Brien, Head of Amcal, said that Digital Out-of-Home’s (DOOH) creative flexibility continues to allow Amcal to engage the right audiences with the right messaging at scale.

“As Australians return to their daily routines, naturally sleep is going to need to be readjusted. Our goal with this campaign was therefore to highlight the symptoms of sleep apnoea to Australians at the right times, as we all start to re-emerge from lockdown restrictions and begin getting back into the swing of our weekly routines.”

Mr O’Brien adds: “We know from previous campaigns that utilising the high impact locations of DOOH to reach big audiences, along with messages that can dynamically change to be more unique and in the moment, ultimately helps to drive better outcomes.

“As Australia’s largest sleep apnoea pharmacy network, we wanted to help educate the public during moments where they might be experiencing some symptoms of sleep apnoea and then help them safely search for more information or locate their nearest Amcal, where our expert team can assist them to optimise their sleep,” says Mr O’Brien.


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