Celebrating pharmacists!

World Pharmacist Day is held on September 25 and Australian pharmacists are being urged to join their colleagues to celebrate.

The theme for this year is ‘Safe and effective medicines for all’ according to Webstercare Managing Director Gerard Stevens AM.

“Despite the ongoing evolution and increasing specialisation of pharmacists and pharmacies, the safe and efficacious use of medication remains at the heart of what we do best,” said Mr Stevens.

“Health consumers have come to trust the level of knowledge that pharmacists possess and our commitment to using it for their benefit. They have the confidence that they can rely on our knowledge and our willingness to use it for their benefit.”

Mr Stevens points to the hard work that pharmacists experience to cement their role as a pharmacist.

“We begin our professional lives backed by four years of hard, challenging study, followed by a year of practical implementation.”

He says that the profession could be built upon by reinforcing the value of the pharmacist-curated medication profile.

“The pharmacists-curated medication profile is the most accurate, up-to-date record of what someone is actually taking,” he said.

“With technological developments such as My Health Record, the pharmacist-curated medication profile offers the profession a crucial point of difference during negotiations over practice scope and capabilities.”

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