Chronic pain trial begins

The chronic pain MedsCheck trial is underway, according to the Pharmacy Guild.

The GuildLink software being used for the trial enables it to be conducted at more than 1,600 pharmacies that have completed the required training across Australia, with community pharmacists being encouraged to build relationships with other health professionals who provide support for patients with chronic pain.

The Guild says the role of community pharmacies in the trial includes:

  • Supported self management of patients taking medication who are dealing with chronic pain for more than three months through pharmacist advice.
  • Pharmacy based evaluation of patients’ medicine.
  • Provision of an action plan incorporating education, self management and referral to other health professionals where additional support is required.
  • Three-month follow-up after the initial service.

Participating pharmacies will receive trial packs to support their interaction with patients and adherence to the research components of the trial.

The CPD accredited online training modules will provide specialised training to community pharmacies that are conducting trial interventions with eligible patients, including training on the complex condition of chronic pain, medicines and non-pharmacological management strategies, the Guild says.

The chronic pain MedsCheck trial is funded by the Australian government under the 6CPA to trial the delivery of a specialised chronic pain MedsCheck within community pharmacy.

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