Community pharmacies surpass 2m Covid-19 vaccinations

Community pharmacies across the country have reportedly administered more than two million doses of Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines since joining the rollout program in late July.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia National President, Trent Twomey, says he could not be any prouder of the thousands of participating community pharmacies that have been driving vaccination rates Australia-wide.

“Community pharmacies have worked hard to boost vaccination and ensure everyone has the opportunity to protect themselves against Covid-19,” says Mr Twomey.

“Pharmacies offer convenient and accessible vaccination services that accommodate people’s busy schedules, which makes them the preferred Covid-19 vaccination provider for many Australians.

“Simply book your vaccination appointment online by visiting or walk into your local community pharmacy and receive your free Covid-19 vaccination on the spot.”

Following a recent announcement made by the Federal Government, all Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved Covid-19 vaccines, including the Pfizer vaccine, are available in community pharmacies across the country.

“The addition of the Pfizer vaccine means all Australians will now have the ability to choose their preferred Covid-19 vaccine in a community pharmacy setting as long as they’re eligible for it,” says Mr Twomey.

“We are confident that the ability to choose will further propel vaccination across the country, as people will no longer face supply barriers.”

Mr Twomey adds that the Pfizer vaccine is available in community pharmacies regardless of whether it is a person’s first, second or booster dose.

Priority population groups, including those who live or work in aged care and disability settings, are the first groups to access their booster dose in community pharmacies.

“With the addition of Pfizer, and the booster program now in motion, we are optimistic that we will hit three million vaccinations and beyond in no time at all,” he says.

Mr Twomey says that anyone administering a Covid-19 vaccination in a community pharmacy has undergone the Commonwealth’s mandatory training with the Australian College of Nurses on the specific vaccine being used.

“Any concerns patients might have about Covid-19 vaccinations can be discussed with their community pharmacist and nearly every pharmacy has a private consulting space.

“A pharmacist will always refer you to a doctor or specialist, should you require that type of service,” says Mr Twomey.

The community can visit to find their closest community pharmacy administering AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccinations.


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