Corum wins Alliance software thumbs up

Pharmacy Alliance has awarded Corum Group approved vendor status to provide a comprehensive pharmacy and head-office software solution for its more than 650 member pharmacies.

Under a heads of agreement, Corum will act as an approved vendor for software and other solutions comprising multistore management and in-store retail and clinical software within the Pharmacy Alliance member network, one of Australia’s largest pharmacy groups

Pharmacy Alliance says its confidence in Corum’s suite of software solutions is key to the agreement, along with the ability to deliver a multistore management system via its head office platform which assists members to more effectively operate their pharmacy.

The partnership will leverage Corum’s latest dispensing solution, Corum Clear Dispense, its established LOTS Point Of Sale software, and its backup, disaster recovery and monitoring solution, SafeGuard Plus.

Underpinning this pharmacy solution set is Corum’s head office solution, RPM Head Office, which it plans to evolve into the SaaS (software as a service) environment. Pharmacy Alliance says it believes this will be a powerful, reliable and scalable head office solution to meet the needs of its members.

“While Corum is a longstanding software provider within the industry, it’s their combination of solutions and professionalism that has given us confidence that we’ll be supported every step of the way,” Pharmacy Alliance Managing Director Simon Reynolds said.

Corum Group CEO David Clarke said: “The hard work and dedication of both teams will ensure the success of this relationship and set a solid foundation for growth between the two companies.”

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